Deck "new" number is changing incorrectly

The number of “New” is changing for all the subdecks when I only just reviewed ONE subdeck. How do I change the settings so that the ONE subdeck is the only one that changes?

For example, BIO subdeck has 34 NEW cards. Biochem subdeck has 34 NEW Cards. I reviewed only BIO subdeck 5 cards. That means BIO should now have 29 cards. However, BOTH Bio and Biochem changed to 29 cards. Help!


increase parent deck (MCAT_JT) new card limit
if all of your decks use the same options group, you might want to create a separate deck options group for your parent deck

Thanks for the reply! So I changed all the subdecks to parent decks. Not the best fix, but it’s fine for now

you didn’t have to do that. you just had to create a options group for your parent deck, that had the same settings as your previous deck options but with a higher new card limit.

here’s how you do it:

  1. click on the gear icon in front of parent deck’s name
  2. click on “Manage…” and select “Add” from the menu
  3. type in the name for new options group
  4. set everything as your previous options group.
  5. set new card limit for that options group on 9999