New card Interval not working

I wanted to change me new card steps how anking has set it on his youtube channel like 25 1440. I followed all the settings he told to change but my deck will not change its setting. I am stuck on the default 1m for again, 10m for good and 3d for easy. How can I change it so my settings are 25m, 1d, 3d?

Select a deck; click “Options” button.
Make the changes you want.

PS. For simplicity, and some tangible benefits, every Deck should have its own 'Options Group '.

That’s where I initially made the changes to set a different interval, but the problem I have is that the changes won’t apply to my deck


  1. Get the add-on “deck and card info sidebar …” – very useful tool !! Then,
  2. make a screen shot like this:
    You shold be able to find the culprit… Feel free to ask .

OMG thank you! That did the job! I guess I only changed the setting for the main deck and the settings didn’t take to any of the subdecks.