New card has replaced all my old cards

So I tried to add a new card on my desktop Anki for the first time. Big mistake. It was coming up as an error and it looks like my new card has replaced all my cards (from years!!) with this new card.

On my phone, if you look at the cards they all have the same words over and over. When you click on ‘show answer’, thats when the original question and answer both come up at the same time.

Help??! How on earth do I undo this. I’m thinking I accidentally created a template card that replaced all my cards, and how it shows the questions and answers.

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You have helped HUGELY. Thank you so much. One other question - I have now restored the backup on my phone. Hooray. However when I click sync on my computer, for some reason it does not sync with the phone, and does its own thing still resulting in error. If I press the sync on my phone, then it goes back to the original error. Any ideas of how to sort this out?

What errors are shown?

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After restoring your collection in your phone, you should upload it to ankiweb (you can force the sync in one direction in Ankimobile and Ankidroid) and after that, download your collection from ankiweb to desktop (you can also force the sync in one direction there)

You can also export your collection to a file after restoring it, and import that file in the desktop version.

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Thank you so much, your help has been hugely appreciated.

It was weird, not an error as such but literally on the face of it the new card I had added replaced all my old ones. But when you clicked on them and edited they showed the old card so something bizarre happened

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