Images replaced by images from other cards

Today I noticed that the images on certain Anki cards in one particular deck have been replaced by images from other cards in other decks. The written portions of the cards are completely unaffected, and Anki has correctly kept track of my schedule, meaning that the number of reviews is correct and the correct cards are showing up in the reviews–it is only the images that have been mixed up between different cards. In addition, I cannot figure out if there is any particular pattern in the mix up, as the cards that have had their images replaced do not belong to a single category: some cards were created recently and others were created two months ago. In addition, not all the images have been mixed up–there are many cards that have kept the correct image. In short, it appears that somehow, random cards had their images deleted and replaced by images from cards in separate Anki decks.

The only thing I can imagine that may have prompted this problem is that I had more than one profile, and today, tried to sync the cards from my Ankiweb onto my phone that has the Ankidroid app. However, I reiterate, the cards on my Anki desktop have had their images completely mixed up, and I can’t understand why syncing to my phone from ankiweb would cause such a problem. Have you ever seen this happen before, and is there a way to reassign/recover the images? Thank you.

If you have media files named “screenshot1.png”, “screenshot2.png” and so on, and then sync a different device that has different content in the same filenames, you’ll overwrite the original files. Your data can not be recovered from AnkiWeb, but if you made a backup of your computer files in the past, you may be able to locate the old images there.