Not all cards are synchronizing properly between desktop and ankidroid app

It seems that not all cards synch properly with the app. When I do all the cards on the app, then some of them won’t appear as done on the desktop and I have to do them again. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

I think you need to give some more info.

It looks as if you’re working with cards on the app. So for safety, close the other two card repositories:

  • Anki desktop
  • AnkiWeb

Add a couple of cards to a deck in the app, maybe “1fake” and “2fake” for easy finding in the browser.

Press “Synchronize”. Close the app. (I only ever have one Anki repository open at one time - or any interconnected databases for that matter.)

Look in Anki desktop for the two cards. What did you find?

If you didn’t find what you expected, close Anki desktop. Open AnkiWeb. What did you find?


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Hi, thanks for the reply :smiley:

I think I found the root of the problem. If I add new cards, they sync in the app and in the desktop version. But I can’t seem to sync due cards, they just stopped appearing. If I go through new cards on my phone that have synced from desktop version, then it doesn’t appear in desktop. Or they do but as if it was due the next day, so I then get way too many cards than I should.

I though about it and it may be because I’m using a borrowed laptop right now, on which I downloaded the newest version of anki for desktop. But I don’t have any updates for the phone app. Could it be a bug?