New Add-on for sharing tags: Export Single Tag for Sharing

Huge thanks to u/FloatingOrange who has joined the team to help make add-ons. Also thank you to everyone that supplied ideas for us to base off of. This is the second of hopefully many add-ons to come. This add-on meant to be used in conjunction with the Special Fields add-on

Add-on Link

This is a very new add-on. If you find bugs, please report them on GitHub and we will promptly look into it!

What does it do?

The export tags option under the AnKing menu brings up a dialog (shown below) that looks much like the normal export screen. After choosing a tag, all cards with that tag will be exported and only contain that tag (all other tags will be deleted).

A user receiving this tag can use the Import tags setting in the Special Fields add-on to import this tag without affecting anything else in the deck


This add-on was funded by generous donations and purchases of our Anki Mastery Course .

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