Convert tag to deck

There was a specific function in the addon (which has been discontinued) Blitzkrieg II called “Convert tag to deck”

I’m trying to port just that function to no avail.

Do you know if there is any other addon that does something similar or an addon that works in the Browser, so you can try to change it and add this function?


I’m just curious, what’s the advantage of using an add-on for that instead of selecting cards > Change deck?

because I have a card manager outside of anki.
Then when I create a csv, it already has the entire structure by hierarchy in the tags.

up to 200 to 300 tags up to 5 sublevels.
With this addon, all I had to do was select it once and my entire structure was ready per deck.

The way you’re suggesting it would have to do this 300 times.

That makes sense, thanks!

Hi there,

Did you have any luck?
I am trying to assign tags to new deck…and that add-on used to be very usefull fir that purpose …

Pls let me know if you have got a way around to convert from deck to tag


I don’t know. I only used “tag to deck”