Extracting and Adding (Zanki) subdeck hierarchy as tags

Is there a way to apply the Zanki subdeck hierarchies as new hierarchical tags without changing scheduling, my current custom deck hierarchy, and any of the card fields?

I made my own filtered decks which got rid of the original Zanki deck hierarchy, but the cards aren’t tagged accordingly such as by " Zanki Step Deck::Zanki Endocrine::Endocrine Physiology " and " Zanki Step Deck::Zanki Endocrine::Endocrine Pathology ".

I’m using Anking v8 but have a lot of my own notes in extra, which I want to preserve. I think the process may involve the Convert Subdecks to Tag Hierarchy addon and creating a temporary new profile but I’m not sure about the rest, so help is appreciated!

A rough plan:

  1. Import a freshly downloaded copy of the V8 Deck in a fresh profile (without media, if you want)
  2. Delete all the tags
  3. Use the Convert Subdecks to tag Hierarchy addon
  4. [optional]change the top-parent level tag to something else
  5. (I think the original Deck Name is AnKing, and the tag should be the same, so you might want to change it to something like Deck-wise_Anking)
  6. Export the deck
  7. Make sure you have a backup of the collection in your original profile
  8. In your original profile, install the Special Fields addon
  9. In the addon’s config, Click on the 'Import tag' settings button → Save
  10. Import the aforementioned deck

Thanks so much.

As a note, when I imported the brand new deck with the fresh tags, a few thousand cards that I’d never seen were unsuspended, so I re-suspended them. Hope that’s not indicative of an issue with the import or tag process.