Hierarchical Tags

I tried Anki in the past and had a hard time, but I love the new tags and was hoping that I could use them to review Pathoma as I watch the videos. It seems as if the hierarchical tags are working, but when I go to any of the tags there are no cards. When I look at the larger decks (ex. Pathoma Chapter 1 (Cell Injury, Death)) it has all the cards underneath it and they are all tagged, but when I go down to the #Pathoma tag it is empty as well as all the individual chapters/chapter sections.

I have the newest version of Anki (2.1.35), V8 of Anking and I have the latest update on my Mac. I tried deleting all the add-ons and redownloading the newest versions, tried the alt. version of the latest Mac download, and I have shut down/restarted my computer.

I have the following tags, Fastbar- with night mode support, hierarchical Tags 2, Large and Colorful Buttons. This is what I see:

Anking V8 has far fewer top level tags than what’s shown in your left sidebar

maybe these are just left over tags from old anking versions in the database that are no longer used.

To test this: Does this change anything:

To remove unused tags from sidebar , go to the the main window, click Tools in the menu bar and click Check Database .

Close the browser window and reopen it:

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This totally worked!! Thank you so much!

Please add this feature to the iOS app as it would really make it easier to unsuspend the appropriate tags