Tag hierarchy still not working?

I am working on Anki version 2.1.54. I am using Anki for a couple of months now and within my first deck I have not used a hierarchy in my tags. Something I want to re- organise now for this deck. I have looked on the forum and the add- Better Tags is advisable. Since I am working on the most recent version of Anki the hierarchy option of the Better tags add-on should be included in Anki. I have also installed the Colorful Tags (+ Hierarchical Tags) add-on. Now I can change the colour of the tags, but I still have no option of selecting several tags and drag and drop them under another tag. My options under the mouse click are very limited than what I see on the screenshots of the add-on.

What I am doing not right:)? Thanks for you help!

You can drag & drop your tags in the browser to organize your tags hierarchically without any add-ons, just make sure you are in select mode:


Btw, last Anki version is 2.1.60:


I always wondered what that icon did!

It works (now :)). And I have upgraded to the newest version. Thanks for you help! Kind Regard