My downloaded deck didnt came in categories

I recently downloaded a deck for my desktop anki from ankiweb with something like 7000 cards containing a variety of content separated into categories like biology, math, geography, but it only shows one deck named 110-2022 as if it had only 20 cards, can somebody explain how can i get it to separate into categories? it already came labeled in the tags but i find the display of it very confusing, thank you for the atention.

Go into Browse view (key: B) and look into the tag structure in the sidepanel.

so thats what i see, what i want to know is can i make the deck organization look exactly like the tag organizarion? sorry if the image doesnt help, i use anki in brazilian portuguese, but i just wanted to make the 110-2022 deck separated like my other decks that have the little arrow on the side instead of it being only organised in the tags, is it possible?

What you possibly want to do is create subdecks (rename the current deck e.g. to NEW DECK, then add a deck named NEW DECK::BIOLOGY, making BIOLOGY a subdeck of NEW DECK) to this deck and add notes to it (right click on note in browser view → Change deck)

Personally, I would not create a subdeck structure that is identical to the tag hierarchy. i use subdecks to separate bigger topics and tags for more sophisticated hierarchies.


that is exactly what i wanted, thank you so much! it will probably take some time to finish but ill move all the cards, unfortunally i didnt adapt very well to the tag hierarchy as im used to the subdeck structure, but thank you for your help! :smiley:

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