No tag after import update

I would like to use Anki in my on-line teaching. During each lesson I plan to tag cards added during the lesson or cards in the deck that we see during the lesson and then send the current version to the learner so that he/she:
a) gets the new vocab items we’ve seen
b) can create a personnalised deck using the tags to work on the most recent stuff

I get the impression though that the tags are not imported. Is there something I’m not doing right?
Thanks for any help.

It seems you’re not very sure whether tags are imported or not. I’ve never experienced that problem before. I suggest you to test the problem a little bit and describe your results here, with a little bit more detail.


Thanks for your time. I’ve figured it. In fact the tag"marked" isn’t imported when you are importing decks without scheduling but any other tag is.

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Yes you’re right. I’m using 2.1.45b2 and I’m able to reproduce the problem you describe.

Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature, just too tired to think about that today…

(But yes, it sounds like a bug…)

The marked tag is considered private, and is excluded when exporting a deck for sharing with others.