NEED HELP for a noobproblem

Heres the deal. I typed in 200 latin vocabs. Front the latin word and on the back the translation. So far so good but when I wanna get asked I also want Anki to ask me the translation first and I must name the latin word and so worth. Back to front and front to back mixed together. One way would be to write 200 more vocabs (please dont or I will kill myself) Or there must be some trick I am too stupid to use so I am asking you guys for help. How can I do this? And please detailed explanation. Btw I love anki but Iam not good with computers but it makes studying much easier.

Open the browser, select the 200 cards, rightclick, choose Change Note Type….
In the dialogue, change New note type to Basic (both ways) (not 100% sure about that name, but you should see something like this) and press OK.


It does not work somehow. I changedall to Basic (and reversed card) and it still does not work. I still get only the front Should I restart the program or something or is there more to it?

Reverse cards should be there, though they may not be shown to you today. You should be able to see them in the browser (can be accessed from the Browse button).

Click the gears icon found besides the deck name on the main window, then Options and make sure the bury related new cards until the next day option is off.

If you want to study Front>Back and Back>Front cards together consistently, you can use the reposition option in the browser to change their order.

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