So I am trying to get into Anki for learning German

After a bit of research I have decided to use shared decks until I create one. I downloaded Ultimate Geography v4.0 to learn a bit about app first. It is pretty good. It’s questions are are also both ways(country->capital, capital->country). then I downloaded this . I found that here while doing research. It is pretty okey. It also questions both ways(English to German and German to English). My last download was this . I really liked this one cuz it got pictures to but for some reason it only asks German -> English. Than I looked into browse and saw two cards for one word, one for English to German and one for German to English. Can someone please help me to get this working both ways like it is supposed to, I am trying to figure this for a while now. Thanks.

Anki doesn’t show cards of the same note (siblings) in the same session by default.
You can change that by going to the deck options and toggling the Bury related new cards until the next day option off (you can do the same for reviews in the Reviews tab).


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But they are both already off.

Maybe the “New cards/day” option is set to a low value so that siblings are not appearing in the same session?
This may be obvious, but make sure to look at the deck options group set for this particular deck, not any other group. Clicking on the deck in the main window then Options should show options of the selected deck.

It got 20 cards/day. The other two I mentioned are both 20 to so I don’t know what the problem is.

I downloaded the deck to test it.

The problem is just that some sibling cards have different due numbers (this is not the case for cards in your screenshot).

Sort the cards by the sort field in the browser, select them all, use Cards > Reposition and click Ok to change their due numbers so that siblings appear together consistently.

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Thank you very much man now it is working it is asking 10 English to German then 10 German to English the same 10 words thanks very much

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