Siblings auto answer

Hello again :slight_smile:
I have decks with reverse cards, and I am interested to make siblings (reverse cards) to be answered automatically the same answer I gave earlier for the sibling.
If I don’t recall correctly Language A - Language B, then there is no point to answer from Language B - Language A.
Can I make it that if I select “good” or “bad” for Language A to B then B-A will get the same answer and will be out of my queue?
To be honest I don’t remember any moment that I didn’t know the answer for A to B but I had no issues with B to A.
If I don’t know that German “house” is “haus” then rarely possible that I would know that “haus” is “house”.
I would choose then “bad” and both of them would moved for the next exercise without the need to answer for the reverse card.

You might as well use a single card where the front side is picked randomly, i.e. delete card template 2 and use some JavaScript on card template 1.

There are some examples of this on the forum already. Most solutions will involve Anki Persistence, a JS script that allows you to persist variables between front and backside.

You could modify this one for example: Random front of card - #2 by kleinerpirat

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You could select the “bury siblings” deck option, which prevents showing siblings of a card until you have reached a certain acquaintance with that card.

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Thanks, I will try it out. In case of failure I will be back :stuck_out_tongue: