My number of review cards don't seem to go down

My friend and I both use the same ANKing deck and have the same settings and add-ons, with the only exception that I have load balancer turned on. He has significantly less reviews than I do everyday (app. 800+ vs 350). Ny number of reviews especially of older cards will not go down and when I set a limit on the reviews, they still show up on my due cards after I have finished my reviews for the day. After I finish my first section of cards for the day and I go back to the main deck, Anki refreshes and more cards appear than before. Has anyone experienced anything like this before due to a specific setting or add-on?

Do you by chance have subdecks with different review limits? This is a common cause of this. You can also try disabling all addons and check if it still happens

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Looks like you’re working through a backlog of cards - if you look at your future due graph, you can see the daily card count rolling off.