Anki review cards decreasing after I click "again"

I’m having trouble trying to figure out why suddenly my review cards from my deck (the ones in red) are decreasing from the deck whenever I click again. This just started a couple days ago and I’ve tried almost everything and nothing is changing. Any help/tips?

my current settings for reference:

Next day starts at: 4 hrs past midnight

Learn ahead limit: 30 min

my new cards/day and maximum review/day are both at 9999

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Screenshot, your deck options

If your again results in more than 30min, they will be delayed until Lean ahead limit

Learn ahead limit

Tells Anki how to behave when there is nothing left to study in the current deck but cards in learning. The default setting of 20 minutes tells Anki that cards should be shown early if they have a delay of less than 20 minutes and there’s nothing else to do. If you set this to 0, Anki will always wait the full delay, showing the congratulations screen until the remaining cards are ready to be reviewed.

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