"again" button removes cards from review list

I have encountered a problem with anki since this morning. Ever since 3am, whenever I press again on anki it takes it removes the card from my review list. I have tried using the updated form of anki to no avail, I have also restarted anki without add ons to no avail. This issue occurs for all of my anki decks and is even present on my mobile anki app. I have tried restarting the app in numerous ways which hasn’t work and tried to also use the V3 scheduler to fix it which also didn’t work.Its been 10 hours since the issue initially started and nothing seems to work. I am on Mac.

  1. What are your deck options (more importantly: learning and relearning steps)?

Deck options are accessed by:

  • Clicking the gear icon on the Decks screen.
  • Selecting a deck on the Decks screen, and then clicking Options at the bottom of the screen.
  • Clicking on More > Options while in review mode.
  • Pressing o while in review mode.
  1. What is your value for Review ahead limit?
    Anki -> Preferences -> Review -> Review ahead limit?

I am finding it difficult to find the review ahead limit, this is what I see when I open preferences

I am using the non updated version because that’s what I am used to but I have tried troubleshooting with the updated version

If you don’t like the new design on anki, you can turn minimalist mode on preferences (the minimalist design is old anki <= 2.1.54 i believe)

It is in Scheduling for the old version

Learn ahead limit
Tells Anki how to behave when there is nothing left to study in the current deck but cards in learning. The default setting of 20 minutes tells Anki that cards should be shown early if they have a delay of less than 20 minutes and there’s nothing else to do. If you set this to 0, Anki will always wait the full delay, showing the congratulations screen until the remaining cards are ready to be reviewed.

Your Daily Limits might be the cause of the disappearances of “Again” cards

New Cards/Day (Default: 20)
Controls how many new cards are introduced each day you open the program. If you study fewer than the limit, or miss a day, the next day the counts will be back to your limit - they do not accumulate.

Maximum Reviews/Day (Default: 200)
Allows you to set an upper limit on the number of reviews to show each day. When this limit is reached, Anki will not show any more review cards for the day, even if there are some waiting. If you study consistently, this setting can help to smooth out occasional peaks in due card counts, and can save you from a heart attack when returning to Anki after a week off. When reviews have been hidden due to this option, a message will appear in the congratulations screen, suggesting you consider increasing the limit if you have time.

When you finish your deck, but still have cards to review, this will appear:

There are more new cards available, but the daily limit has been reached. You can increase the limit in the options, but please bear in mind that the more new cards you introduce, the higher your short-term review workload will become.

I can see why you think that, but I set them to zero to clear out my review backlog. My usual limits are 40 new cards and 600 max reviews per day. This issue occurs for all of my decks no matter the new card or review limit. This is what my scheduler section looks like.

Your preset Focus is only used by 1 deck, double check if your main preset was applied to decks (right of Save, the down arrow will display apply to all subdecks)

With your Learn ahead limit to 0

Anki will always wait the full delay, showing the congratulations screen until the remaining cards are ready to be reviewed.

Unsure on why your cards isn’t appearing, my source to help was from Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

see if this helps

2. Check add-ons
Please close Anki, then start it again while holding down the shift key, which will disable any add-ons you have installed…

I have tried opening without add ons and that doesn’t seem to work, I have also saved to all subdecks and that also shows the same problem. The learn ahead limit is at 0.

Is there any way to reset to default settings while keeping my progression?


Move currently selected cards to the end of the new queue. The existing review history is preserved. In 2.1.50+, there are options to restore the original card position, and to reset the card’s lapse and repetition counters.

deck options settings can be reset, by clicking in the loop symbol


If you mean default settings of anki
Edit → Switch Profile, Add → sync new profile (alternatively, you can export then import decks, which is faster than syncing)

It doesnt show switch profile when i click edit, it shows “undo”, “start dictation” and “emoji & symbols”

sorry, meant File → switch profile, not edit

If your learn ahead limit is 0, cards you answer Again on are hidden until they are ready to review again.

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