My flash cards are not going to the deck i put them

My flash cards are simply just not going on the right place, i always check (as an example) if im putting a flash card in biology and it automatically goes to history without my will, i don’t know what to do, i tried installing the newest atualization, but the problem is still alive!!

When you click on the Cards… button you get to the Card Types dialog. At the top right there is an Options drop-down, and one of the items in the drop-down menu is Deck Override. Is that off, or is it set to something else?

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You mean when i create a new card?

wait, i found it, it says it’s off

Did you check Deck Override for each of your card templates (by selecting each of them in the drop-down to the left of that, before opening the Options drop-down)? Card Templates - Anki Manual

when i turn it on and put it to biology, as an example, it goes to biology, but if i turn it off it keeps going to history for no reason

At the top of your “Add Note” window, does it say biology or history for “Deck”?

it says biology, but the funny thing is that for image occlusion cards it goes to the right deck

Doesn’t Image Occlusion use a different note type? Every card template in every note type can have a separate Deck Override. You should check all of them. (It’s not clear to me if you checked them when I suggested that above.)

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well it turns out it was on in the history deck, but the funny thing is that i don’t remember turning it on, but anyways thanks for the help!!

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