My deck's new card daily limit is not working

I have my new card daily limit set to 100 new cards per day. I thought my new cards for each subdeck for this deck would all show up as a sum of 100 new cards per day. The new cards for all of the subdecks do not add up to 100 new cards per day total. How can I customize my new cards daily limit for each subdeck under a deck? If my daily limit for new cards is set at 100 new cards per day for a deck, why am I seeing more than 100 new cards per day? This all happened when I started trying to change the options for a subdeck by clicking ‘increasing today’s new card limit’ and now everything seems to have messed up. I also tried to fix it by getting an add-on where I can put a negative number for the ‘increase today’s new card limit.’ That fixed the issue a little by at least allowing me to have 100 for the new cards for the deck, but I still see more than that total.

If you used custom study to adjust the limits, the adjustments will reset the next day.