My cards don't appear to review

I’m using Google Translate to type this question because my English is still bad.
My anki is having problems, before many cards appeared to study every day, now only 4 appear, the maximum 6 per day, I don’t know what happened, I’ve already changed the settings in the daily limits and in all the other settings that you explained to me but nothing has changed.
Can someone help me?

The exact number of New cards introduced each day depends on the number of cards available, in addition to the Deck Options for the deck the cards are in, the parent deck that you click on to study, and any subdecks in between. So –

  • Do you have more New cards? – not suspended, not sibling-cards that are going to be buried (based on your settings).
  • Where are they located? – in the same deck, in different subdecks.
  • Have you checked the Deck Options for each of the subdecks? – they can be assigned to a different group than the parent deck and than each other.

This may also help: Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

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