I add new cards on my Anki but it doesn't show the next days of studying

I’ve been adding new cards on my Anki to study English but it’s not showing the new cards the next days I go to study. I’ve been using Anki for years and I don’t know why this problem is happening now.
I have already uninstalled the app and it didn’t work, I have created a new deck and it didn’t work. I installed a previous version to see if it would work but no success. I’m not an Anki pro so I don’t know what settings I need to make to get it working again.
Could someone explain me how to fix fix this or give me the instructions?


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The most likely reasons all depend on your Deck Options.

  • What is the daily New limit for the deck these New cards are in?
  • Have you also checked the limits for the deck you click to study, and any subdecks in between?
  • Are your New cards being limited by a daily Review limit on any of those decks?
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