Multiple fields with cloze deletion in a card template

I recently created a post in the Anki subreddit (this is the post) asking for help because a field was not being displayed. The help was not significant, that’s why I’m posting it here. Please read the post as well as the comments in order to understand what’s the issue.

Basically, the problem is present when rendering a card with two fields that contain cloze deletion.

The question is simple: Given a card with two fields that contain cloze deletion. How can I make both of those fields to be rendered?

That has been asked before. Cloze type notes are not meant to have multiple fields with clozes. I suggest to use custom Q&A notes.


Thanks for the reply. Since it is not possible to have multiple cloze fields, I will be creating atomic questions instead of creating a card with a bunch of information to overcome this.

Highly recommended to read Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge by Dr Piotr Wozniak if you didn’t already.


Cloze type notes are not meant to have multiple fields with clozes

The Anki manual disagrees:

If you need to create clozes from overlapping text, add another Text field to your cloze, add it to the template, and then when creating notes, paste the text into two separate fields, like so:

Text1 field: {{c1::Canberra was founded}} in 1913

Text2 field: {{c2::Canberra}} was founded in 1913

I’m not saying what OP wants is possible, but multiple cloze:fields is a strategy recommended by the manual. OP: Once your template is in place, the only way to manipulate notes are within the fields. There are a few things you can try:

  1. Try having different cloze reference numbers (c1, c2, …) in your Text fields
  2. Try having the same cloze references numbers in your text fields
  3. Try a js based solution.

Iirc having the same cloze reference number in 2 different {{cloze:text}} fields will show both fields. I discovered this by accident and it was more of an annoyance to me, but it sounds like it might be what op wants.

I replied based on the following dae’s comment I found while searching taken from the link I provided. I think that would be outdated. I just tried out and it works as long as:

  • the fields do not share any cloze count (c1::,etc). If you do, you force recalling multiple clozes at a time.
  • only one field is wanted to be shown at a time. And would be the same that having one field.

Being the example he provided:
Text1: The past is {{c1::never dead}}. {{c2::It's not even past}}.
Text2: {{c3::William Faulkner}}

The clozes does not work as he expected because at the back side only the content where the current cloze is from is shown. So for c1 and c2 the author is never shown. And ofr the c3, the quote line is not shown. That is why I do believe Cloze card type is not meant to support multiple fields with different content.

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This example was provided by someone responding to OP’s thread, not OP themself.

Based on these sections of OP’s reddit thread:

Those two fields were created because I want both fields to have cloze deletions. So the card template would look like (see here)


How can I make a card such that it contains two fields with cloze deletions and both fields are displayed at the same time?

I’m 90% sure OP can get their desired effect using solution 2 (same cloze reference number in both cloze fields). With cloze a different card is generated for every reference ({{cX::}}) so using the same reference in two fields will show both fields and prompt for the deleted text in both.

I routinely use a note type I call Cloze (multi) that has a template that looks like this:
<div>{{Title (shown at top of every card if nonempty)}}</div> {{cloze:Text 1}} {{cloze:Text 2}} {{cloze:Text 3}} {{cloze:Text 4}} {{cloze:Text 5}} {{cloze:Text 6}} {{cloze:Text 7}} {{cloze:Text 8}} {{cloze:Text 9}} {{cloze:Text 10}}

10 Text fields are overkill (I rarely use more than 3), but it’s perfectly valid for situations where you want to memorize small cloze deletions of a sentence first, then memorize larger deletions that would contain smaller deletions (since the manual says nested deletions aren’t supported). Additionally I’ll sometimes use one of Text fields to emulated a Basic card like so:
`How many bits of entropy are added per character in a password that is base 32 encoded?

{{c4::5 bits}}`