How Does Close Overlapping Work?

Hi there,

I seem to be failing to grasp how the cloze overlapping works.

What am I doing wrong here since the cloze that is supposed to sum up all the other smaller cloze bits causes an empty card to be displayed.


You’re not using the Text 2 field on the template, so there’s nothing to display for card 5. You could add {{cloze:Text 2}}, but I don’t see how it could work without showing the same text twice, and I’d advise against that kind of redundancy, anyway.


Agreed. Just adding to that advice:
There should never be a situation where you need to give two fields (virtually) the same content in Anki. The premise of Anki’s card templates is that you can create lots of cards from one note without much extra effort.

If you wanted to change something in that sentence, you’d have to change it in both fields.

This might be helpful for you:

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It works now, thank you very much!!!

Why would you advise to avoid such a template?

My idea is that I have cards to study each individual part plus a card which does not help me by listing any information at all.