Cloze note type: adding fields and no longer working

I have a note type with about 60 fields.

I want to change this note type to Cloze so I can close deletion some of the text. But after I added fields to the cloned Cloze note type, and attempted to cloze deletion some text, it claimed I needed to change the note type to Cloze…

It seems that after I edited the original cloned Cloze template, by adding multiple fields, it stopped working…

What am I doing wrong :frowning:

A note type with 60 fields sound outlandish to me. Just out of curiosity, what do you use that for?

I suggest to first create a new custom Cloze template with the 60 fields and then change the cards’ notetype to this new type. Then you will need to add at least one cloze {{c1::sometext or field}}. This way you can remap all fields. so you won’t lose information.

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yes - without including atleast one {{cloze}} field in my card template editors I couldn’t create clozes in the browser > fields section, if that makes sense. Thanks!

60 fields…heres a screen shot for you!

thats for the grammar deck, taken from DOJG

my vocab deck also has around 60 odd fields :smile: