Change card type to cloze without losing fields

I would like to change a deck of cards so they are cloze type cards. When I try to change the card type to cloze, I lose 4 of 6 fields. I want to keep all the fields. How can I do that?

  1. Add a new cloze notetype: Tools > Manage Notetype > Add > “Clone: Cloze”
  2. Add the fields from your other notetype: Fields… (the newly added notetype selected) > Add
  3. Now adjust the templates so they use the added fields: Cards…
  4. Change the notetype to the new cloze notetype.
  5. Change the notes to use clozes ({{c1:...}} etc.).

Steps 3. and 5. might be a bit tricky. You have to see what works for your notes.


Thank you!