How do you change the card type from review mode?

How can I change the card type from review mode? I want to change the type from Basic to Cloze. It seems I only have one card type available for this card?


You can do it from the card browser. Click on Browse (“Список”), the card browser will be opened with the current card selected, and use Notes > Change Note Type (Ctrl + Shift + M) from the menu bar or by using the right-click context menu.

By default, the “Basic” note type creates one card and the “Basic (and reversed card)” creates two cards. Also, you can use Tools > Manage Note Types from the main Anki window to add your own note types and modify existing ones.

Additional card types for the basic note type can be added by clicking on Options (“Параметры” in your last screenshot).

The cloze note type behaves differently -


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