For cloze cards made from note, can i add unique comment to each card, like in IO enhanced?

in IO enhanced, each card’s extra1 and 2 are card unique specific.

but in the cloze note type, i dont see this.

did i missed something or this is not implemented?

i just thought this is a very trivial and essential question,
did no one crossed this before?
really cant found info, even /w gpt4 it say hard.


IO Enhanced behaves in kind of a special way, and adds each card as a separate note, so it’s easy to have card-specific fields.

The cloze deletion note type adds each card as part of the same note, so it’s harder (but not entirely impossible) to have card-specific fields. Note that this behavior is more consistent with the rest of Anki.

A possible workaround is to add multiple ‘Extra’ fields and assign each of them to a specific card/cloze number.

For example, you might add: Extra1, Extra2, Extra3, Extra4, Extra5.
Then, open the template editor, go to the Back template, and add each ‘Extra’ field wrapped in a conditional replacement.



This way, the {{Extra1}} field will only be shown when you answer the 1st card (i.e. the one with cloze number 1, e.g. {{c1::cloze}}, {{Extra2}} will be tied to card 2, {{Extra3}} to card 3, and so on.

Another possible workaround is to separate your cloze deletion cards into multiple notes, e.g.

  • Instead of 1 note like this:
    {{c1::Rome}} is the capital of {{c2::Italy}}
  • You might opt to add 2 separate notes:
    1st note: {{c1::Rome}} is the capital of Italy;
    2nd note: Rome is the capital of {{c1::Italy}}

This way, each note corresponds to one card and it’s easy to have card-specific fields.

Even though this solution is a bit simpler template wise, it forces you to split closely related information across multiple notes, which is not ideal.


looks like its really hard to do so but you solved for me.

ps: quite advance.

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obviously, AI still cant replace human.
not yet.

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