Multiple accounts with the same email address

I think I have a problem of multiple accounts using the same email address. I login to the desktop app and the mobile app with the same login email, however the password between the two accounts are different. I am wondering if I could get someone to remove all of my user accounts from Anki so I can try to reset my accounts. Thank you.

:thinking: AnkiWeb won’t let you create multiple accounts with the same email address. But other than specifically for syncing to AnkiWeb, you also don’t need to “login to” the desktop or mobile apps.

Let me check – are you using real Anki apps, or copycats?
AnkiMobile (for iOS): ‎AnkiMobile Flashcards on the App Store
AnkiDroid (for Android): AnkiDroid on the Google Play Store


You were ABSOLUTELY correct, for somereason I had ANKIapp installed on my computer rather than ANKI… I am so thankful for you help