Anki provided mail and sync

I had my account on ankyweb and decided to use it with my iphone. It turns out that anki provided me a mail: ankimemory@“numbers”.com and I can’t syncronise it with my mac as I have another mail. I can’t even have a password for the “anki mail” to log in on my mac and see the same deck on my iphone. And I have already paid… I can see any suport with this regard. Any help?

Just to make sure: Are we talking about creating an account using this site?

I am surprised that you were provided with an email address. On the above-mentioned page, you register with your own address.

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I refer to the Iphone App

Is it the official AnkiMobile app? This one: ‎AnkiMobile Flashcards on the App Store

yes, indeed

Afaik is not related to the Anki ecosystem. It looks like it’s one of many Anki copycats, this time aimed at the Chinese market ( Are you sure you are using the official anki desktop app, the one you can download from ?


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