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I started using Anki before creating account. Anki has assigned me a “random email account”. I now want to create an account, but I am wondering how to transfer the decks I created in the account with the Anki random email to my newly created account with my personal email. I cannot access email from the Anki assigned random email account. It ends in Who can help me?

Have you been syncing with AnkiWeb already using that random email address? Cloud Sync - AnkiMobile Manual

I had not setup an account on my Computer (but have subsequently) and was simply using the Mobile version without an account and Anki assigned an email to me. Two questions:

  1. Where is the option to sync AnkiMobile; I do not see an option to do that anywhere.
  2. If I do sync, how do I access the decks on my Computer since the email address setup by Anki is not my email address. Not sure how I would log in to access them.

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Let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing. Does that mean you created an AnkiWeb account (like this, Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual) and you are syncing your Anki Desktop with it already?

Do you currently have different collections/profiles on your computer and iOS device? If so, there’s an intermediate step needed to bring everything together.

I have setup both the Anki Mobil app and the Anki Desktop and synced between the two accounts. However, there is no data/decks in this account.

The problem is that I started using the Anki Mobile app before creating an account/registering. I was using the Anki Mobil app anonymously. When I went to setup an account on the Anki Mobile app, I discovered that an email had been assigned to me (not my email address). So the problem with this account is twofold: 1) I cannot receive any of the emails since its not my email address; and 2) I cannot sign into AnkiWeb (desktop) with this email address since I don’t know the password. The email address ends with: My decks/data are all in this account and I want to get them into my newly registered account with my gmail address.

I want to know how to get the decks from this Anki Mobil app that contains an email address that is not mine (see above), to my newly registered account that is setup on both Anki Desktop and Anki Mobil. I need to export the decks from the account I was using anonymously into the registered account with my personal gmail account. Please help me. How do I export those decks to my registered account.

You’re using a lot of different terms for things, and then restating the same issue – it makes me think we’re not understanding each other.

AnkiMobile Flashcards – the iOS app. [Is this the app you’re using?]
AnkiWeb – the website used for syncing.
Anki (or Anki Desktop) – the Windows/Mac/Linux app.

I’m not aware of a process by which AnkiMobile does that. I’ve seen those “appleid” email addresses before, but in other apps that allow you to sign-in using your Apple ID. AnkiMobile doesn’t have that integration (as far as I know) – and there is no default sync account. You have to (as described in the links I posted) create an account on AnkiWeb and manually enter that account information in AnkiMobile and Anki Desktop. If you haven’t done that, then you aren’t syncing anywhere.

If I’m mistaken and this apple-id process has slipped by me (wouldn’t be the first time), then I would expect that in AnkiMobile you should be able to change the email address to the one you used to create your AnkiWeb account, and enter your password. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to do a one-way sync to upload your decks to AnkiWeb. Then, on the other end, when you sync Anki Desktop, you’ll be prompted to do a one-way sync to download from AnkiWeb.

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It sounds like you may be using a different app. Please see

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See below,


As I suspected - that’s not AnkiMobile. See the link I posted to get the correct app.

So are you unable to help me get my decks from the App I am using to AnkiMobile? Once I get the correct App, how do I get my decks over?

Once you have the right app, it will be easy to get the decks from your computer (Anki Desktop) to AnkiMobile.

But I don’t know anything about that other app. Does it have an export function that will give you your decks in plain text? If so, you can probably import those into Anki – Text Files - Anki Manual. Check with that app about it’s export abilities – but a lot of the knock-offs resist letting users export – a shady business practice to trap users. :cry:

There’s an add-on that can help users transfer data from 2 of the knock-off apps, but I don’t hold out much hope that will work for you coming from on a different app.


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