Forgot Anki Login Information

I want to get the Anki app on my phone and to be able to use Anki on a different device. Although, I have the problem that I downloaded the app on my Macbook so many years ago and I don’t know what email/log in is associated with it. I tried every email I could have possible used to try and reset the password but none of them are associated with an Anki account (which is very surprising since I don’t have many to choose from so I’m wondering if there’s an issue here?).

I currently am logged into this account and using Anki. Is there a way to find out info about which account is logging in? If not, would I be able to transfer all the cards I have, including the maturity/algorithm of my cards?

I would really appreciate any help with this matter. Thank you!

Well if you are logged on anki desktop, you could just see which email is being used

Preferences → *Syncing → AnkiWeb Account

im using 2.1.58, so i cannot guarantee that will be under Syncing tab, could be another name in versions below 2.1.57

On ankidroid or *ankimobile
Settings → Sync → Ankiweb account

i don’t have ankimobile, but i believe that the process would be similar


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Wow, I went to my Sync tab and it asked me to make an account - I guess I was using it without an account which I didn’t realize was an option.

I’m syncing now and I’m pretty sure this will allow me to log in and have my cards on the Anki iPhone app or other devices using this new account.

I’m pretty sure this totally solved my problem that’s been on my mind for so long lol. Thank you so much!

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