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Hi Everyone, I’ve purchased the iOS version of Anki to go along with the desktop version. I really enjoy using Anki Flashcards and would like to use the app on my phone to study when my laptop isn’t available.

I’ve went through the registration process and requested the email be sent to verify my account. The issue is that it’s going on 4 days now and I’ve not received any emails and the Anki pages won’t let me go past the “request email” page to sync any of my cards.

Honestly I don’t remember if I had to use an email to download the original software but I don’t think I did. I haven’t tried using any emails with the desktop version. Does anyone know if my Anki account email should also be my Apple ID email? Or can I use my school email? Or just my personal email?

Any advice/instructions would be appreciated.

Hey just to make sure, you use
Anki for desktop:
Anki for IOS: ‎AnkiMobile Flashcards on the App Store
Anki for Android: Ankidroid
Any app besides these 3 are not related to Anki

We only ask to create an account after the first syncronization (to sync between deviced, optional), its not asked before installation

Any email is valid, as long as you can verify, that being said, using the edu email would not be advised because if you leave/change school, you would lose the access to it
Email verification - Frequently Asked Questions

Try the following

Emails not being received - Frequently Asked Questions

If you use Outlook: silently discards email - Frequently Asked Questions

If you tried with the same email for 4 days, try using another one (goes against what i said earlier, but its improbable that the same issue will happen twice)

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Thank you NameLessGO…

I had all of the correct software downloaded but figured I’d try my Outlook account for my email instead of my school email. That worked perfectly. I don’t know if it’s because my school uses Duo and the 2 factor authentication somehow messes it up (makes NO sense to me but who knows…).

Either way, once I used outlook I got the confirmation email and now have my cards synced between my phone and desktop. Thank you for your reply and assistance.



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