Moving among cards in a deck

I am taking a language course on a deck which covers the contents of chapters of the Genki Japanese course. Since I have already learned chapter 1 from the actual textbook I would like to be able to skip ahead to cards of chapters further along which I assume could be done in using the browser window. But despite clicking on other cards there I don’t seem to be to move around among them. I’m sure this must be a basic function but I haven’t figured it out yet, despite reading the manual. Many thanks!

Learning with Anki is not something as linear as learning from a textbook: you don’t go through the first chapter, then the second, then the next one, and so on. Instead, Anki will prompt you again and again with the same questions, so that you keep the answer vivid in your memory (because, due to the plasticity of our brains, if you don’t think about something or practice an activity for some time, you’ll progressively lose what you learnt about it). For this reason, you don’t really “skip” the first chapter: you should review it “forever” (or, at least, for as long as you want to keep it in your memory).

However, Anki will not prompt you all of your cards at once, that would be too much. Instead, each day it will introduce new cards to the ones you are learning / memorizing actively, until you are actively learning all of your cards. For this reason, you can change the order in which cards will be chosen from your collection to be shown to you. If you have urgency in learning chapter 2 (because that’s what you are learning right now), you can reorder your cards. However, be aware that, in the long run, it won’t change anything.

Finally, if there is some content you’d like not to review anymore, without deleting it or resetting it as if you never worked on it before, you can suspend it. This will simply prevent it from being shown when you review it. As soon as you unsuspend the material, it will be shown again as normal.


Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful and generously thorough response. I think I’ve got a feel for using Anki now! Many thanks again!