Feature Request : studying All Cards in a particular Deck in Specific Sequence (Order) that I can decide (predefine)?

I wanted to review all flashcards in my deck in sequence that I can decide.

Many times, when learning too many things, If content or information is arranged in logical order then remembering them gets easier.

Lot of Random Information creates confusion.

for example, (I am a medical student)
While learning A levels or learning a new language Random (Weaker to stronger cards) spaced repetition works best (No doubts in Anki’s Methodology)

But to learn Higher Levels with Heavy conceptual Understanding and Integrative Perspective with abundant details, A organized sequence (Not random) gives too much advantage.

[Example 1:] I need terms and definitions to be asked first and then higher concepts. It would get hard if Anki asks me higher concepts at first itself.

[Example 2:] I wished Anki to ask me first the list of all muscles in arm
and then ask me about each muscle in order (sequence) as they are in our human body. then remembering really gets easier.

I have been Emphasizing Importance of sequence in remembering concepts

So if my exams are near, I wanted to can choose a deck and revise ALL of my cards in sequence (order)

I could not find any way to do this in Anki If there is already a way (direct) (or Indirect) please let me Know?

If not This is a Suggestion to include as a ADD On or new feature.

It is important to note that Anki is really meant to help memorizing, not learning. This means that it assumes at least some degree of familiarity with the subject.
In the long run, showing cards at random is simply more efficient, but it can be a bit harsh to start, when you are not yet familiar enough with the content. If you find it too hard, I would recommend reading once or twice your material before memorizing it. You are also supposed to have fully understood the material before memorizing it with Anki.


Yes, I am not much familiar to Content.
I have to daily study many new concepts and remember them.

I am a beginner in med school, I am always overwhelmed with the facts, Terms, Definitions, Diagrams, Processes and Concepts. All of which I need to process, understand and also remember.

So for me it’s not bit harsh but too harsh to start.

I tried many ways, but I am not satisfied with my output. Inability to cope up with my Studies, only increases my anxiety, Depression, Fear and all negative Emotions.

I hoped ANKI Could be my (or in general to many students) life saver if The feature I asked for could be included in anki

If this feature is included as a additional feature(and not replacing Spaced Repetition ),
Then Anki could be used very versatile, It will help Even Learn and remember.

Proper sequenced reviews of flashcards could be used if content is new and unfamiliar in initial reviews.
And these revisions of flashcards should not be considered for Spaced Repetition.

I basically mean Just have a way to review all cards without asking how well or bad I was able to remember them, as a side feature without disturbing Anki’s original Spaced Repetition methodology

I don’t see any harm in this , and sees only increased usability, increased versatility and ncresed number of users.

This simple side feature Can make ANKI’s Platform Help anyone in Learning too With Memorizing.

Browse > Preview could work for you.

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You could also try filtered decks.

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I would like this too. Some cards are best learned in a predefined order. That’s why it’s good to have this as an option for studying a deck.