How can I study All Cards in a particular Deck in Specific Sequence (Order) that I can decide (predefine)?

I wanted to review all flashcards in my deck in sequence that I can decide.

Many times, when learning too many things, If content or information is arranged in logical order then remembering them gets easier.

Lot of Random Information creates confusion.

for example, (I am a medical student)
While learning A levels or learning a new language Random (Weaker to stronger cards) spaced repetition works best (No doubts in Anki’s Methodology)

But to learn Higher Levels with Heavy conceptual Understanding and Integrative Perspective with abundant details, A organized sequence (Not random) gives too much advantage.

[Example 1:] I need terms and definitions to be asked first and then higher concepts. It would get hard if Anki asks me higher concepts at first itself.

[Example 2:] I wished Anki to ask me first the list of all muscles in arm
and then ask me about each muscle in order (sequence) as they are in our human body. then remembering really gets easier.

I have been Emphasizing Importance of sequence in remembering concepts

So if my exams are near, I wanted to can choose a deck and revise ALL of my cards in sequence (order)

I could not find any way to do this in Anki If there is already a way (direct) (or Indirect) please let me Know?

SRS is effective because it allows the user focusing in difficult material and not losing time with material you already know. Studying your cards in the same order over and over again is definitely not the best way of optimizing your study time.

Anki allows certain control over the order of your cards the first time it shows them to you, but from that point the program will decide when is best for you to review them again.

Please, take a look here:

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" While learning A levels or learning a new language (Weaker to stronger cards) spaced repetition works best (No doubts in Anki’s Methodology) "

Yes I agree SRS is effective way of focusing and optimizing study time.

I was more concerned with understanding and then remembering conceptually linked or related information (content).

I just wished there should also be a way to review all cards so that I get sure that I have not missed anything for my exam.

I am not criticizing SRS nor I am saying it should not be used.
I just feel why not?

why not, increase flexibility to use Anki?

why not, there should be a way if it has its own pros and cons? (everything has it’s pros and cons)

why not there should be a way to be able to review all cards if one has ample time and dedication in studies.

there should be a way to review entire deck in sequence if one wants.

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Anki is not really designed for what you want, but maybe you can find Filtered decks useful:

Just choose a unique identifier as your first column.

Export your deck to a CSV, import into a spreadsheet (preferably LibreOffice Calc) and create a new first column with a unique identifier (that is also guaranteed to be unique from all your other decks).

I call that field “Note ID”, based on having used this Anki add-on previously. But you can call it anything you like.

Sort your spreadsheet in the order you wish you cards to appear, then ensure that your Unique ID increases alongside these cards. For example, choose 20220903100123 as your first Unique ID and then drag the formula down into the cells on rows lower than the first. The number should automatically increment.

Back up your old deck.

Delete your old deck.

Import a new deck from the spreadsheet.

Choose “Sequential (oldest cards first)” as the Insertion Order of the Deck Settings.

Your cards should now be shown to you in the order you want. It is common for people to use this order, when they have a deck that follows e.g. the chapter layout in a reference book.

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