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Anki is very good about randomizing cards. But sometimes we may want to learn the ORDER of things, for example an alphabet or the Periodic Table. So, for example, instead of displaying English alphabet cards in random order e.g. Q, Z, R, Y… it should display them in order e.g. A, B, C, D… That is, the question on each card is “What is the following item?”, e.g. Card 1 question is “A”, Card 1 answer is “B”, Card 2 question is “B”, Card 2 answer is “C”, etc.

I created such a deck. So far, the only way I found to control the order e.g. A, B, C… is each time I study I need to “Forget” all the cards, then their order is restored.

My question is: Is there a way to force an Anki deck to always be in order, without having to forget all the cards for each study session?

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I think if you need to memorize the order, the Mnemonic is generally the way to go.

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Generally you should try to structure your cards so they don’t depend on a particular order. Some good tips on card creation can be found on

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You could also use something like the LPCG addon:

It was made for lyrics and poetry but you can also use it for any kind of ordered list.

Thank you @daddydave for your post about LPCG, that is an interesting add-on.

I now understand that an Anki deck can NOT be configured to present cards in order, as noted by LPCG documentation: “…defining an order for the cards, so Anki asks for the lines in order. Aside from this being impossible in the current version of Anki…”.

The method of forgetting is working for me. First, in Browser, I set all the cards to the due date of 0, then set them all to forget status. Then I get one pass through my deck with all my cards in order. If I miss one I ask it to repeat in a minute (“Again”), which it does, then goes back to the correct order. Because I mark the ones I get right as “Easy”, they don’t repeat, but I need to reset the due date and the forget status after each study pass. It’s actually trivial extra work to do that, but apparently the only way, without using add-on like LPCG.

Also thank you @dae for the interesting link on memorization techniques including using cloze deletion for enumerations.

And thank you @Shigeyuki Shigeyuki for the perspective of using Mnemonics for ordered lists, and the link.

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