(minor) multi-tasking issue with keyboard on iPadOS15

  • The issue was not present on Anki on iPadOS14.
  • (The issue happens both on the live, and the beta version)
  • The issue does not occour on other Apps.
  • The issue only appears with physical keyboards.

When swiching from a different app from Split-screen or from slide-over, the keyboard will close itself inside of the editing screen once. You have to press into the text-editing fields a second time, after a small delay.

In the following video, i demonstrate the issue (right at the start),
as well as demonstrate, how it is supposed to work (0:13)
the problem appears by clicking with trackpad&mouse, as well as with touch&apple pencil (0:43)


I would count this more as a quality-of-life issue, nothing back-breaking, but annoying nontheless.
Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the report, I’ve made a note to look into it.

Please let me know how the next beta goes for you.

I tested it for the last 2 days now, and it works nice and smooth now. The problem is fixed now.

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