Bug when pressing Keys too quickly from Edit menu


When I edit cards in the Edit menu (e hotkey) and finish editing, i exit, and want to see quickly see the front of my card. When doing this, i frequently run into a bug where my UI turn black, without any text displaying. (the text does seem to be still selectable.)

The combination I exit the menu, and that causes the bug is:
「cmd+Enter → space」in quick succession.
The bug remains active even on other cards, until i enter another menu.

I recorded a video for it. AnkiMobile bug example - YouTube

Thanks, added to the todo list to look into.

As an addition:
i think this problem has only started to exist recently.
I think i have never encountered it in over a year of daily use before. But since 1 or maybe 2 weeks ago, it occours frequently. I encounter it at least once almost every card i edit (aka every new card)

Since the app hasn’t received an update recently, it may be related to an iOS update. You might also want to try turning your device off and then turning it on again - that has occasionally helped users with webview-related issues.

After multiple days of card-editing, i have not encountered the issue anymore.
So I suppose the issue was fixed via restart.

My bad, I’ll try restarting the device next time, before issuing a report. That’ll save me time as well.

Glad to hear the issue has resolved itself!