Possible bug: iPad ext keyboard problems

Hi! I’m a big anki fan but new to the forum, wanted to call attention to something I came across.

When using external keyboard (apple magic keyboard on bluetooth) on the ios app (2.0.87 on ipados 15.6.1), I am finding that a lot of times, the function keys stop working - e.g. enter, tab, delete, cmd+C / cmd+V, arrow keys. It makes creating new cards or searching for existing ones a hassle, because I have to bring up the software keyboard and use finger pointing to navigate. Is this a common problem? Has anyone found a workaround?

Edit: let me add that I’ve only begun creating cards on ipados last week, and can’t remember if I’ve always had this problem.

I can’t seem to reproduce this. Is there some pattern to when troubles are occurring? Can you see the cursor flashing in one of the fields? Does tapping on a field help?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve noticed now that the problem seems system-wide. Unfortunately, it’s hard to reproduce and only occurs occasionally, and i have not yet found a quick reset. But Anki is off the hook!

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