Keyboard navigation error on iPad

Hi! I’m a big fan and rely on Anki every day to study Chinese using my iPad, either reviewing flashcards with a stylus or creating and editing cards with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse setup.

When editing I like to use my keyboard to navigate, but I frequently run into a bug where I cannot use arrow keys to navigate text or the [tab] key to jump between text boxes. This also occurs when just typing a search key in the card browser. I did report this problem here once before. Usually, reconnecting the keyboard will solve the issue for a little while until it comes back again.

I noticed today, though, that when this problem is occurring, it seems that the arrow keys on my keyboard are controlling the window’s scrolling mechanism instead of the text box i’m writing in.

Does anyone have a clue what I can change in order to prevent this from happening?

Forgot to add I’m on the latest versions of iPadOS and Anki (23.12.1) and have had this problem on earlier versions too

It sounds like it may be an iOS bug. Is there a pattern to when the issue starts, such as after typing in Chinese text / choosing a completion?

I have not been able to recognize one, even though I’ve been using this setup for quite a while. And I dont ever really encounter this problem outside Anki, I think!

When it happens, does tapping into a field to focus it, then pressing tab again help? If not, how/when does the issue resolve itself?

Your suggestion itself did not work, but I’ve tried pressing a bunch of buttons and it did help on some occasions.

It seems pressing Shift then Fn (I’m using a standard make Apple bluetooth keyboard) produces good results.

Normally, reconnecting the keyboard also does the trick.

I’m afraid this is probably not something AnkiMobile has control over, but I’m glad to hear you’ve found a reasonably simple workaround with the buttons.

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