Merged deck not syncing all cards to AnkiWeb Mac Desktop

I combined two decks yesterday into one deck with 1,729 cards on my desktop but on AnkiWeb the deck has 520 cards. I have tried:

  1. Forcing a sync from my computer to AnkiWeb
  2. Googling & checking YouTube
  3. Checking the forums
  4. Copying the combined deck into a new deck (with a different name).

I am running MacOs 10.15.7, Anki Version 2.1.49 desktop and 2.0.83 IOS.

Thanks in advance!


How did you combine the decks ?


I believe I selected all of the cards in one deck, hit change decks and selected move cards.


So which deck migrated to AnkiWeb ? The cards that were moved using “Change Deck”, or the cards that were originally in the “receiving” deck.

In other words, which cards made up the 520 cards ?

Only the original cards migrated.

You have the new card limit of that deck set to 520 cards. If you view the deck in the Browse screen, you’ll see it contains more cards.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out! I haven’t used Anki in about a year— guess I need a review.