Downloaded deck with 14,000 cards only showing 5500 total in anki. Please help

When I download the M3 anki deck that has 14000 cards, only 5500 cards show up under that deck in the anki desktop app. Ive tried deleting the deck and re-downloading it but it has not helped. Does someone know what is happening?

Maybe a subset of the cards are already in your collection but in other deck?

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Yes I think that is the case, but is there a way to keep all of the cards in the new deck? I dont want to have to create another profile to house the new deck.

Anki will not store multiple copies of the same card in your collection, as that would cause those cards to be presented to you more frequently than necessary.

Gotcha. Now i am having trouble with this: !

Do you know what I did?

Does anyone know what happened/how I can fix this? It is affecting multiple front cards