Anki help with downloading sent decks

Hi! I’m fairly new to Anki. When friends send me their decks, I am not getting the total number of cards to show up. For example, if 600 cards are sent, only approximately 100 cards are showing up. Most of the cards are showing up as green (not blue). I have tried rescheduling these cards, and haven’t had any luck for the total number to show up. I have the latest version of Anki downloaded for PC (2.1.26). Not sure what else I should be trying.

Can you show screenshots?

  1. What is the format of the cards your friend send you? .apkg? .csv?
  2. How did you imported them?
  3. What do you mean by blue and green?
  4. If you go to Browse -> Whole Collection it only shows 100 cards?

check “Anki is not showing all my cards” out

blue cards are new cards, anki by default introduces 20 new cards per day. you can increase this number in deck options, if you want to see more new cards per day.

if you haven’t reviewed any card from the said deck but you still have green cards (review cards) it means your friend included scheduling information too, you should ask them not to include scheduling information next time they export the deck.


The format of the cards were in .apkg. My friend sent them through a google drive link. By blue and green I meant the cards that show up as “review” or “new”. My friend had already done the cards when they were sent, so it was showing up as review cards for me. I tried rescheduling it again and it somehow now shows up as blue (new) cards, but the total is still not right.

For example, I know the Staph Aureus Deck should have more than 60 cards, but only 17 are showing up.

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can you confirm if the deck actually had all those cards that you say are missing from your collection?
can we have the .apkg file and check it ourselves?

can you confirm if you haven’t accidentally changed the deck for the cards that you say are missing from the deck when you were trying to reschedule them? (it’s unlikely but as reschedule and change deck are really close in the menu, so it’s worth checking)

My friend showed me the deck from his computer, and it shows a much greater number of cards. I think it is a scheduling issue because he’s sent me the file multiple times. Sorry, could you walk me through how to send the file? When I try to upload it says .akpg is not supported.

Also how would I know if I changed the deck? I don’t believe this is the case. I have also set my new card limit to the max (9999) per day.

upload it on an upload center and send us the link.

if the deck has all the cards, you can re-import it. it’ll just add the missing cards and will leave the cards that you already have. so your scheduling information will be preserved. (don’t know about the cards that you’ve changed tho)

Here’s the link:

I don’t think I changed any of the cards. I’ll try re-downloading the deck to see if anything changes.

I attached a screenshot of the notification I’m getting when I try to download the file again. Its skipping over a 1,000 cards as it says it is already in my collection (I have the Zanki deck as well for board studying). How do I prevent skipping cards?

i imported the deck. it had 1352 notes, jut like yours.

and the Staph Aureus deck has 87 cards

if you have imported this deck and your collection has 1352 notes but your Staph Aureus deck doesn’t have 87 cards, it means that you have accidentally changed deck for some of those cards.

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here’s something i wrote to help you find your cards. Download


Thank you so much! I was able to get it to work by opening in a different profile. I appreciate the help :slight_smile: