Anki is not showing all the cards in the deck

I have downloaded Anking some time ago, together with my friend. We downloaded the same file, but i have much fewer cards in the deck than her (i can see it when browsing the deck). The total amount of cards in the entire deck is the same, but in #sketchypharm there are a lot fewer cards than it should be. It does not help to delete anking and re-downloading it again. Please help, I have tried everything!

Are both of you up to date with anking overhaul decks?

If you have an account in the decks get updates, some cards change tags and decks which could result in fewer card

Ankihub community for overhaul deck →

She also isolated a topic in sketchypharm, exported it, and sent it to me. She exported 1034 cards to me. I created a new anki profile, so that it didnt have any cards there before i imported it. After i imported it to my anki, the deck only contained 800 cards. Do you know why that happens?

Sorry, I don’t know, could you check the forum for ankihub

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