Anki Cards Disappear After Forgetting a Deck

This just happened. I selected all on “Browse” to a deck, then clicked forget on all the cards on that deck. However, only approximately half the decks were forgotten. Also what happened was that some random, other cards on the other decks were forgotten as well.

I noticed that my deck of 31 cards have also shrunk to 9, and when I tried to import the same apkg onto my deck, it would say I have 31 cards (in fact it does when I click browse), but when I go in to study the deck, it still shows up as 9 cards left.

I am super confused. My limits are set to 9999 everything so it is not an issue of not having enough card limit to see all the cards and in fact I did see all of them show up as studied numbers. It seems that 9 is the number of cards due tomorrow for that deck comprised of 31 cards.

I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

(I have studied decks 5, 6, 7 completely today, and they were counted as for example 28 studied + 3 green cards and I saw them just previous to hitting “forget” so they have reset + cards have somehow disappeared)

Nevermind I have somehow restored the card status through recovering my back up, but if anyone could still tell me why this would be deeply appreciated so that I don’t make the same mistake in the future!

I’m glad you got things restored! [It’s not quite clear what parts of your post are ongoing and what parts are resolved, so I’ll give you small comments on a few things and let me know what you need to know more about.]

It’s hard to troubleshoot that in retrospect. I’d suspect that you somehow selected different cards than you intended – you might have been in Notes mode, or the cards in your search in the Browse window weren’t the right ones, or you didn’t have all of them selected, etc. It’s also hard to say whether the random other cards that appeared forgotten to you were actually forgotten, or if there was some other misunderstanding.

How many cards or notes (which are different things) exist, and how many cards are due for review today – which is what the green “9” on your main Decks page means – are not necessarily the same thing. [Is this a screenshot from AnkiWeb? It might be easier to explain things with reference to your Anki Desktop install.]

I don’t know quite what you mean by “completely” or where you are seeing those numbers “28 studied + 3 green cards.” If you still think that cards have “disappeared” from somewhere, it’s helpful to say where in Anki you are looking for them and not seeing them.

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Hi! Totally understandable. I think it is most likely that I somehow selected cards from different decks to forget because multiple decks were affected.
The whole 9 thing was my misunderstanding - I was panicking a bit from the fact that my deck was disturbed. It would make a lot of sense since I reviewed the deck hence there being less cards “visible” or “due” on the main page of the anki desktop. Thank you for your help!

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