Anki deletes my whole deck if I review my cards

Everything was working nomally until somehow everytime I reviewed some cards Anki deleted the wohle deck. Everything is gone in that deck: the progress, the cards, everything. It only said I had finished all, but I had never looked at some. I deleted all decks and loaded them to my Anki again and the same thin happened. I deleted Anki from my computer and redownloaded it, the same happened. Even in the online version the same problem kepps happening over and over again.

The reviewed cards are also missing in the browser?

yes :frowning:

I think it’s very unlikely Anki is deleting your deck or cards when you review them. You can confirm this for yourself by importing the decks, checking for your total card count in the statistics>card counts section, and then checking the count again after you think things have disappeared.

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thank you!!! I found the mistake. The limit of card per day was set to 20, so everytime I did twenty card Anki said therer werern’t any left although they were there but not available because of the limit.

If 20 new cards per day is not enough for you:

If you click on the deck after running out of cards, you will be offered the option of a “custom study” which allows you to increase the limits of cards just for today.

You can also go in the profile options and change the parameters so that the limits of cards are changed for everyday.

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