Problems with reviews

I have a question about the Anki app on my iPhone.
When I create new decks of 10 to 20 cards, once I complete the deck, Anki doesn’t show them to me again the next day for review. It displays a message saying I’ve finished that deck for the day.
How can I make it allow me to review those cards?
I have a purchased deck with 1000 cards, which does show me previously seen cards daily for review.

What are your setting for this deck? Especially “Graduating interval”.

Daily Limits
New cards per day: 10
Maximum cards per day: 20
New cards
Steps in the learning stage: 1m 10m
Graduating interval: 1
Easy interval: 4

If you select a deck and then click on Stats at the top, you can see how many cards will be due in the deck over the following days. For some background, please see Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

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