Some of the cards in my deck got deleted

To whom it may concern,

Whilst I was revising i realized that the cards in my deck- cardiovascular::histology of blood::granulocytes (and other decks) have gone missing. I remember I spent a lot of time writing out those cards so they should be there. I went to custom study and pressed review ahead or preview new cards on the off chance that they are still there and just need to be reviewed at a later date. However, even when i typed 300 days, an error message appeared saying that no cards matched my criteria.

I would be very grateful if you could help me out and possibly help me to restore those cards or at least help me to prevent this from happening again. Do I maybe have too many cards and this is overloading the system?

I think this is unlikely, but how many cards do you have?

Did you search carefully for the notes in the card browser? (can’t think of better question since the issue is vague :frowning: )

Maybe following the steps in When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions could help.

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i can not be certain how many I have without individually counting them and that would take too long (is there a way to check) but probably close to a thousand and definitely more than a hundred decks and subtopics.

I did search for the cards in the card browser on ankiweb but nothing came up. The deck i want is completely empty and i have no idea where the cards went :frowning:

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