Help needed with "deleted cards"

I need some advice with an anki deck

Somehow lots of cards have been deleted. I use tags, and its two different tags of cards that have been deleted. I don’t know how, I think something to do with custom study options.

I retreived the cards from a back up and saved the cards in two different deck package files (.apkg)

I’m now trying to add them back into my anki but whenever I import either of the decks I get the following message
“Notes skipped, as they’re already in your collection”

It’s skipping all of the notes.

When I click on browse and search for the cards it appears the cards are still there, it comes up with them as (deleted)
Screenshot of this included -

I am unable to right click on these cards. I need to either delete them or restore them from back up and I can’t do either right now. I don’t mind deleting them at all as I have them on back up but I just want them in my collection

I’m a med student with exams in 10 days time so I am quite stressed to not have what is essentially 2 weeks worth of notes in my deck!

Really hoping someone has a solution for me! Thanks

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